Yamina ANDRE

Associate professor at Institut Pascal, INP, Université Clermont Auvergne UCA; Head of epitaxy of III-As materials group; Editorial board member of Nanotechnology, IOP; Scientific Great Holder of COST OPERA (European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy)


Yamina André is an expert in epitaxy and has been in charge of the growth of III-V and III-N compounds by HVPE (Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy) for 16 years for micro- and nanotechnology applications: implementation of facilities; thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of VPE growth. She focused on the growth of nitride planar thick layers, and selective area growth for both III-V and III-Nitride materials: 3D shaping at micro- and nanometer scale; growth of GaAs tips for tunneling microscopy as well as GaN rods for LEDs. She has been developing VLS-HVPE for the growth and doping issues of nanowires for ten years and has strongly participated in promoting the HVPE process in the international nanoscience community. She has authored 50 publications and is regularly invited in international conferences. She got her HDR degree (French qualification for full professor position) in 2013 and is now head of the HVPE research for III-(As,P) compounds at Institut Pascal, a joint research unit of CNRS (France’s national scientific research center). She has been the supervisor of many national projects and industrial contracts in France and Europe. 

Conference and training school organizer 

  • Organization of International Conference of the GDR CNRS PULSE, the French national 

research network on the epitaxy of semiconductors. Clermont-Ferrand 1-4 July 2019. 

  • Member of the organization board of Training school COST OPERA on Modern directions in Epitaxy 21-14 June 2022. 

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