Stefan Irimiciuc



Advanced Technologies in Thin Films Group
National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele, Romania

Scientific profiles



Stefan Irimiciuc received his Ph.D. in Physics in 2017 from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi and University of Lille, France where he was awarded the best PhD thesis prize independently from both universities. In his early scientific career, he worked in collaboration with Institute of Ion Physics, Austria, Technical University of Iasi, Romania and Physics Institute for Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.
His present research interests include the development of in-situ diagnostic tools for the control of pulsed laser deposition technique and the study of the laser produced plasma impact on the properties of the thin film. Stefan Irimiciuc and his collaborators reported for the first time on the correlation between the target conductivity and plasma properties during the pulsed laser ablation in various temporal regimes (ns, ps, fs), results which received several prizes at international conferences. He expanded on the fractal interpretation of complex, heterogeneous plasmas and developed a model for analysis of laser produced plasma in a fractal paradigm, which relates to the non-stoichiometric transfer during PLD. Recently he has proposed a new method for plasma analysis for which he received the Young Researcher Award at E-MRS conference in 2021.
He has given over 30 presentations at international conferences and has authored over 38 publications in peer-reviewed journals, two books and several book chapters published at international publishing houses. He has led several special journal issues focused on fast phenomena occurring in complex systems and is an Editorial Board member of several journals.