Ovidiu PANA

Head of Department: Physics of Nanostructured Systems, National Institute for R &D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies – INCDTIM, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The research activity of Ovidiu Pana and his research group covers the area of nanocomposites based on semiconductor and magnetic materials; nanocomposites based on carbon structures decorated with semiconductor nanoparticles; ferromagnet / semiconductor or graphene multilayer thin films obtained by PLD, and biofunctionalized magnetic nanocomposites in various architectures with medical applications.

His current research is focused on the interface phenomena in magnetic nanocomposites, charge/spin transfer at the interfaces, coupling mechanisms between half-metals and magnetic semiconductors and, more generally, the coupling processes in magnetic composites. Additionally, he is interested in photocatalytic phenomena in composite nanomaterials with interfaces modified by polymers, surfactants and/or charge/spin tunneling. The research on reactive oxygen species generation involves the spin traps technique coupled with ESR.


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