Ortwin Hess

School of Physics and CRANN Institute, Trinity College Dublin
The Blacklett Laboratory, Department of Physics, Imperial College London

Scientific profiles

Imperial College London


Professor Ortwin Hess currently holds the Chair Professorship of Quantum Nanophotonics in the School of Physics and the CRANN Institute of Trinity College Dublin and the Leverhulme Chair in Metamaterials (part-time) in the Blackett Laboratory (Department of Physics) at Imperial College London.

Professor Hess’s research interests bridge quantum photonics with semiconductor and metamaterials physics and laser science. He discovered the ‘trapped-rainbow’ principle, had the idea of stopped-light lasing, and made defining contributions to the fields of spatio-temporal dynamics of semiconductor lasers, ultraslow light in metamaterials, complex quantum dot photonics and photonic crystals and strong coupling in nanoplasmonics.

Professor Hess is author of more than 335 publications in scientific journals and 5 books. He presented 15 plenary presentations and 16 keynote talks as well as more than 110 invited presentations at international conferences. Professor Hess is a Fellow of the IoP and Fellow of the OSA and has been awarded the Royal Society Rumford Medal for pioneering active nanoplasmonics and optical metamaterials with quantum gain.