Mihaela Diana Lazar

National Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies – INCDTIM, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Team Leader for “Porous Materials and Carbon Nanostructures” Research Group

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Dr. Mihaela Diana Lazar received Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 2010 from Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca in the area of heterogeneous catalysts’ characterization using H/D isotopic exchange.  Currently she is senior scientist at INCDTIM Cluj Napoca and team leader of “Porous Materials and Carbon Nanostructures” Group.  

Dr. Lazar has more than 15 years of experience in preparation, structural and functional characterization of composite materials based on mesoporous oxides, and also in development of experimental installation and laboratory technologies for the study of the catalytic processes. Her research interests are: environmental catalysis (CO2 methanation, biogas valorization), green energy (hydrogen production and storage) and new materials for catalysis. Her current research focused on developing catalytic materials with controlled porosity such as: MOF-alumina composites, bimodal porous alumina, ordered mesoporous silica or 3D porous graphenes. 

The results of Dr. Lazar research were published in more than 70 papers in international journals 3 book chapters at international publishing houses and 4 national patents.