Ludmila Cojocaru

Researcher, University of Bordeaux’s Institute of Molecular Sciences

Scientific profiles



Ludmila Cojocaru graduated from Moldova State University and received her PhD in 2012 from Bordeaux University (France) for her work on the physical chemistry of condensed materials. Subsequently, she was awarded with two years post-doc position from the Japan Society of Promotion of Science for Foreign Researchers (JSPS) at the University of Tokyo (Japan) in the framework of the Japanese-French Associate Laboratory for the Next Generation Photovoltaic Cells (LiaNextPV). Her project focused on stability improvement of liquid type dye sensitized solar cells by replacing the liquid electrolyte with solid type materials like organic hole transporting materials. After her JSPS project, she continued her work in the field of perovskite solar cells as a researcher at the University of Tokyo, hosted by national Japanese project (NEDO). In 2017, she joined the Institute of Sustainable Technology of the University of Freiburg (Germany), her work focuses on the evaporation of perovskites for tandem solar cells application, work in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy. In 2019, she returns at Bordeaux University (France) with a very innovative project as a Laureate of the Emmanuel Macron Initiative of Excellence “Make Our Planet Great Again”. Her Project is focusing on the fabrication of energy conversion-storage devices. The perovskite solar cells will be integrated with supercapacitors to create energy conversion-storage devices connected through a common electrode based on carbon.
Over time she published 36 papers, 2 patens and 2 book chapters, and presented her scientific activity at many international conferences related to the topic of material science and photovoltaic application.