Ligia Frunza

Professor, Laboratory 40, National Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele, Romania
PhD supervisor, Institute of Physical Chemistry IG Murgulescu of Romanian Academy

Scientific profiles



Professor Ligia Frunza research activity is focused on the interactions of reactant molecules with the surface of oxide or metallic catalysts (in situ IR spectroscopy, UV-vis spectroscopy, modelling by molecular orbital theory, on the effect of different effectors (laser photolysis) on human haemoglobin. She also has important results in composite synthesis and their characterisation (thermal analysis methods), in the synthesis and characterisation of molecular sieves and their modifications by framework substitution (sol-gel synthesis, XRD) and in the study of dynamics of some molecules in a free or confined states (broadband dielectric spectroscopy).
Her research activity results are the subject of more than100 papers published in important journals and in many research national projects.