Jean-Noël Aqua

Associate professor at Sorbonne University, Institute of Nanosciences of Paris

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Jean-Noël Aqua’ scientific activity is focused on condensed matter physics (modeling, analytical resolutions, numerical approaches, numerical simulations, statistical physics), crystal growth (self-organization of nanostructures , growth of quantum boxes, nanowires, nanomembranes, 2D materials, epitaxy, out-of-equilibrium, elasticity, evolution equations, nonlinear analysis, mean field, nucleation theory, Monte-Carlo simulations) and on charged fluids (wall vicinity, quantum dynamics, path integrals, Mayer expansion, diagrammatic resummation, critical behavior, soluble model, mean field).
He is the Director of Gdr Pulse and is a member of “French Committee for Crystal Growth” of the French Association of Crystallography.
He is the author of 44 articles among which an extensive review on the growth and self-organization of SiGe nanostructures.
He was awarded the Ribaud Prize of the French Academy of Science in 2014.