Jean Constant


Research Fellow 
Hermay NM 
Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

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Jean Constant is a researcher and lecturer on Science and Art. Past Professor of Visual Communication, he developed multiple Mathematics and Art collaborative projects that he used in the classroom and share today with larger audiences in print, exhibits, conferences, and public forums. His interest in Knowledge Visualization led him to incorporate elements of mathematics, applied sciences, optics, neuroscience, and psychology in his work. He’s been the recipient of several awards for his visualizations in the field of Mathematics and Art. Jean is a regular participant in the annual AMS-MAA, JMM meeting, and Bridges Math-Art conference cycle. He was actively involved in the ICPAM 11 and 12 conferences as a lecturer and an exhibitor in the NanoArt exhibitions. 
Notable publications: The Math-Art series, Stochastic Art, Geometry of Nature I & II. Knot Geometry.