Isabelle Berbezier


Elaboration et MOdélisation pour les NAnotechnologies (EMONA)
Institut Materiaux Microelectronique Nanosciences de Provence, Marseille, France

Scientific profiles



Isabelle BERBEZIER started her carrier in Renault Vehicles Company and Ecole Centrale Lyon (PhD) on wear and friction for lubrication applications in Diesel engine. friction and lubrication of engine motors. She became CNRS researcher in 1987 and started to work on adhesion phenomena at the Univ. of Lyon in collaboration with Aerospatiale. She integrated the National Center of French Telecommunication in Meylan (1991) and shifted to the study of semiconductor heterostructures growth (Si based heterostructures) and nanocharacterization. She moved to CRMC2-Marseille (1992) where she developed a new field of research on SiGe. In 2004 her team moved to L2MP (now IM2NP) where she established a new regional platform for the elaboration and nanocharacterization of SiGe nanostructures.

I. Berbezier is senior researcher at CNRS. Her expertise encompasses the mechanisms of crystal growth and the self-organisation of nanostructures for applications in micro- nano- and optoelectronics. Her activities are mainly devoted to the relation between the physical properties (electronic and optical) of nanostructures and their atomic structure. She is the author of more than 180 publications and reviews in international journals + 6 chapters of books. She has given more than 200 oral presentations and 60 invited presentations during International Conferences and more than 40 seminars in various institutes around the world. She has created with Prof. M. De Crescenzi the series of International Conferences on Nanostructures Self-assembly and Nanomaterials in 2006. She has been the chairperson of more than 20 International Conferences and Workshops. She has edited 14 books. She co-chairs the French National Network on Epitaxy (GDR PULSE which has more than 250 members).