Imke Schneider

Professor at Theoretical Physics III
Institute for Physics
University of Augsburg

Scientific profiles



Professor Imke Schneider’s research area is theoretical quantum many-body physics and is focused on strongly correlated materials where physical properties are dominated by interaction effects. These materials exhibit several intriguing collective phenomena of which superconductivity is the most prominent example. Strongly correlated matter has already found manifold technological applications. Yet, both realizing and understanding the collective elementary excitations and their dynamics remain major scientific challenges.
Most of her research involves one-dimensional systems and the effects of impurities and boundaries on dynamical response functions. In a series of works she studied the scattering effects on the local density of states and the dynamical structure factor by using a combination of analytical bosonization techniques and numerical DMRG methods.
Professor Imke Schneider’s current research direction is to understand dynamical processes in systems that are out of equilibrium. Her research addresses more general aspects of strongly correlated systems – quantum phase transitions and quantum criticality.
She published her results in prestigious journals, disseminated them in invited talks at international conferences and contributed to the organization of international conferences in her research field