Dumitru Tsiulyanu



Professor, Head of CIMAN research center of Physics Department, Technical University of Moldova, Republic of Moldova
Correspondent Member of Academy of Science of Moldova in the field of Material Science

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Professor Dumitru Tsiulyanu’s current research activity includes the investigation of basic physical properties of chalcogenide semiconductors and their application in electronics, including gas sensors and memory devices. In this field he has been active for more than 45 years and has achieved outstanding performances in the scientific direction related to surface phenomena, contacts and electrodes, and established the principles and prerequisites of contact barrier formation at the interface of metals with wide – gap chalcogenide materials. He discovered the phenomenon of electrostimulated chemical transformations at the interface of glassy chalcogenides with metals, as well as of photostimulated deformation of junction surface. He advanced the concept of using the injection and (or) extraction of electric charge carriers through the interface of isotype crystal-glass heterojunctions for the study of the spectrum of electronic states of the disordered material and elucidated the semiconductor properties of artificial dimorphite and the possibility of their application in ultraviolet photovoltaics.
Professor Tsiulyanu suggested the hypothesis (later confirmed experimentally) of the possibility of the interaction of lone-pair electrons of chalcogens atoms with the atoms of gas molecules adsorbed on the surface of the solid, which may lead to changes in the predominant mechanism of electrical conductivity and proposed a new method of studying the photo-diffusion process of metals in chalcogenide glasses, which allowed to highlight the new prerequisites of this unique phenomenon.
He was visiting professor at the Bundeswehr University in Munich (1994 – 2005), and German Scientific Society (DFG) 2006 and co-director of the NATO Institutes of Advanced Studies (2014 -2017).
The results of his scientific activity are reflected in over 230 published papers the 9 books chapters, the 17 patents and by the important number of national and international projects.
He received the honorary title “Inventor of the USSR” (1985).