Professor, Director of Doctoral School in Physics, West University of Timisoara, Romania


Daniel Vizman received his PhD in physics from West University of Timisoara in 1998. He spent one year (1999) as a Humboldt fellow and two years as a Visiting Research Scientist at Fraunhofer Institute IISB, Erlangen, Germany.

His main research interest is in crystallization processes both at laboratory and industrial scale.

The main research results of Prof.dr. Daniel Vizman in the last 20 years were in the field of optimization of crystallization processes by means of numerical modelling and experiments. During the collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute IISB, Erlangen, Germany, Prof. Dr. Daniel Vizman was the leader of the group that developed the STHAMAS3D software for modelling the crystal growth processes. The software has been used by the majority of the leaders in the silicon crystal growth industry in Germany, Korea, Japan and USA. Using this program there were obtained outstanding results in the field of modelling the crystal growth processes:

At West University of Timisoara, Prof.dr. Daniel Vizman has built up a research group in the field of growth and characterization of bulk crystal. One of the very productive directions of the last ten years has been the optimization of directional solidification method for multi-crystalline silicon by numerical modelling and model experiments. A new melt stirring method based on the superposition of a magnetic field and an electrical current was proposed. A model experiment for the new stirring method using a GaInSn-alloy (that is liquid at room temperature) was developed and the numerical predictions were confirmed experimentally. Using the Bridgman growth furnace, small diameter multicrystalline silicon crystals have been successfully obtained and different novel solutions for crucible coating and crystal incapsulation have been proposed. Based on his expertise and results in the optimization of crystal growth processes using the magnetic fields, Prof. Dr. Daniel Vizman, had beed invited to write a book chapter “Flow Control by Magnetic Fields during Crystal Growth from Melt” in the 2015 edition of Handbook of Crystal Growth, edited by Elsevier. For the results obtained in studying the crystal growth processes, the Romanian Academy awarded Prof. Dr. Daniel Vizman, with the Constantin Miculescu award in 2014. Between 2012-2018 Prof. Dr. Daniel Vizman was the secretary of the European Network of Crystal Growth. 8 PhD theses were completed under the prof. Daniel Vizman supervision.

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