Daniel Moraru

Department of Electronics and Materials Science,
Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Technology,
Shizuoka University, Japan

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Daniel Moraru is developing a new research direction for semiconductor nanoscale devices, aiming for atomic- and molecular-scale electronics by utilizing dopant atoms (or “molecules”) in silicon. Through such research, he and his group are contributing to the advancement of a field coined as “dopant-based electronics”.
Research studies are performed in a wide range, from fundamental simulations of atomistic effects to semiconductor-device fabrication at nanoscale and electrical characterization at single-electron tunnelling level.

The main topics of his research are:

Single-electron tunnelling via dopant-atoms in Si nano-transistors towards practical conditions.
Atomistic effects in transport through low-dimensional pn diodes and pin diodes.
Observation of dopant potentials by Low-temperature Kelvin probe force microscopy (LT-KPFM).
First-principles simulations of semiconductor nanostructures.

Based on research results he published over 40 scientific papers and three book chapters.