Cris Orfescu



Los Angeles, United States of America

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Nano Art


Cris Orfescu was born in Bucharest, Romania, and lives and works in Los Angeles since 1991. He is a self-taught artist and a degreed scientist who is experimenting for over 45 years with different media and art forms including digital art, murals, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, faux painting, trompe l’oeil, collage, graphics, animation, web design, video, multimedia.

For more than 30 years he is experimenting and perfecting a new art form, NanoArt, in a nutshell, images of ephemeral sculptures and landscapes at molecular and atomic scales visualized with advanced microscopes, digital painted and printed on different media. Orfescu was showing internationally his awarded works in USA, Italy, France, Finland, Korea, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Greece, Czech Republic, Mexico, Romania, in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His art was commissioned for public and private collectors. Four of his artworks are included in the 1st Art Museum on the Moon, a philosophical mini-museum that will be launch in 2021 and will be left on the moon for future explorers.