Christophe Coutanceau

Professor, Laboratory of Catalysis in Organic Chemistry (LACCO), University of Poitiers, France

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Christophe Coutanceau obtained his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry in 1994 under the supervision of Prof. Claude Lamy at LACCO (Laboratory of Catalysis in Organic Chemistry, University of Poitiers, France). After his PhD, he obtained a post-doctoral position at the “Insituto National Superior” of Lisbon (1995–1997, Portugal) and was hired as Assistant Professor at the University of Poitiers (LACCO) in 1998 before being promoted in 2008 as full professor.
At present, he is Professor at IC2MP (Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers, University of Poitiers) and head of the “Catalysis and Non-conventional Media” group. His current research interests include development of synthesis methods for nanostructured supported metals using green processes (microwave activation, electrochemical methods, etc.) and solvents (polyols, water) and their application as electrocatalysts in fuel cells, electrolysis cells and electrosynthesis reactors. He is also interested in electro-conversion of bioresources into valuable compounds using electrochemical methods.
He is co-responsible of the research axis “Stationary applications” of the French Hydrogen Federation of CNRS (FRH2), project manager for the “Energy Unit” of the CNRS, and French representative at the Annex 31 (low temperature fuel cell) of the International Energy Agency.
He has more than 140 papers in international journals and 50 invited conferences.