Assoc. Professor, Head of Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Košice, Slovakia


Assoc. Prof. A. Zelenakova deals with the study of magnetic and structural properties of magnetic nanoparticles based on Fe and Co with a core/shell structure as well as nanocomposites consisting of magnetic nanoparticles encapsulated in a periodic porous matrix. She is an expert in the study of static and dynamic magnetic properties, and has extensive experience with experimental techniques, SQUID, Zetasizer, XANES, SAXS. She published the results of his work in 73 original scientific papers registered in WoS and Scopus, such as: Scientific Report, Applied Surface Sciences, Physical Review B, Applied Physics Letters and others. She has more than 500 SCI citations, excluding self-citations, H = 14. She is the participants of the TRIANGEL top scientific team (according to the identification of the Accreditation Commission) (the team for top research of inorganic materials). A significant scientific contribution of Assoc prof. Zeleňáková is the use of magnetic nanoparticles as platform for biomedical application in magnetic separation, magnetic drug delivery and magnetic hypertermia. She has experience in team management and preparation of domestic and foreign projects within H2020 (H2020-NOCTURN, H2020- TOREADOR) and implements active international scientific cooperation in the field of nanoparticle magnetism with the workplaces of the National Research Council (CNR) Roma, Italy, University of Seville, Spain, Department of Physics, University of Florida, USA. She is also a member of the commission for the defense of bachelor, magister and dissertations in the field of Condensed matter Physics. She is a co-guarantor at the doctoral level in the study program Progressive Materials (in field Condensed Matter Physics).


Symposium organizer

  • CSMAG 2019, CSMAG 2016, CSMAG-2013, CSMAG-2010, CSMAG-2007, – CSMAG 2001,
  • SFEL2017, SFEL2018, SFEL2019


Honors & Awards

Prize by the Ministry of Education, – top research team of Slovakia (TRIANGEL)

Prize by Dean of Faculty of Sciences UPJS for the best teacher


Website and Scientific profiles

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