ICPAM-14 and PAMS-5 are hybrid. Participants can join the conference in-person or follow the livestreamed conference programme online.


Online registration is mandatory regardless of event(s), participation or payment method. Only registered participants will receive information regarding on-site/online participation and publication.

How does it work?

We use an online form to receive necessary information about our participants to better organize the Conference and communicate.
The link for those who are paying by bank transfer or are attending the events online with waived registration fee, will be posted soon.

Those who are paying online will be registered during this process. For the payment methods, please read bellow.

Registration fees

Before 15.06.2022 After 15.06.2022
onsite onlineĀ 1 onsite onlineĀ 1
ICPAM-14 Standard Fee 2 250 EUR 125 EUR 300 EUR 150 EUR
ICPAM-14 Student Fee 3 150 EUR 75 EUR 200 EUR 100 EUR
PAMS-5 Fee 150 EUR 75 EUR 200 EUR 100 EUR
Artist Fee 3 150 EUR 75 EUR 200 EUR 100 EUR
Accompanying Person Fee 4 50 EUR N/A 100 EUR N/A

Participants to ICPAM-14 and PAMS-5 are invited to select one or two excursions for an extra fee (which can be included in the registration fee).

ICPAMS Membership and discount

The ICPAMS (Interactions, Complex Phenomena and Advanced Materials Society) association is involved in ICPAM-14 and PAMS-5 organization and offers a 20% discount on the registration fee for ICPAMS members. There are special sections with discounted fees available on the online payment platform.

Payment methods and deadline

The accommodation, registration and excursions fees can be be paid online or by bank transfer, beginning with May 01, 2022 and no later than August 30, 2022. Please note that we do not have the possibility to accept cash payments at the desk.

Bank details:

Beneficiary: Asociatia ICPAMS
IBAN code: RO81INGB0000999911103916
Swift code: INGBROBU
Bank name: ING Bank Romania
Address: ING Office Iasi Pacurari, Str. Pacurari no. 124, bl. 583, sc. B

Please specify for the registration fee: for ICPAM-14 or for PAMS-4. If payment is made for more than one person, please make sure that all names are properly indicated. Note that in any case the payment must be settled before the deadline or a higher fee will apply.

Please note that all bank fees are payable by the participants.

The participants are kindly asked to announce us by e-mail ([email protected]) about the bank transfer and to submit by e-mail a copy of the receipt.

Changing your participation from online to onsite and vice versa

Participants may change from onsite to online or vice versa. When a participant changes from onsite to online the difference will be refunded (excluding bank fees) and when the participant changes from online to onsite it is necessary to pay the difference. These changes can be only be done by e-mailing [email protected], no later than 15 August 2022. The administration fees are supported by participants.


In the event of cancellation, written notification must be sent by e-mail to [email protected]
Cancellation received before August 10, 2022, involves payment refund less the administration fee per participant. Refunds will be made within 30 days after receiving the cancellation.
Cancellation received after August 10, 2022, involves no payment refund.
The administration fees are supported by participants.

Please track this page regularly.

1 The registration fees for online attendance do not include conference materials.

2 The standard fee includes attendance to all days of conference sessions and use of conference facilities (e-mail and internet service), conference materials and certificate of attendance.

3 The student fees and artist fee are partially supported by the Organizing Committee. Students/PhD students must send by e-mail ([email protected]) a copy of an official letter presenting their status.

4 The fee for accompanying persons does not include the conference materials and conference attendance.