The papers presented at ICPAM-10 and PAMS-1 may be submitted for publication in a special issue of Applied Surface Science or of Materials Today: Proceedings. The manuscripts of the invited lectures may be up to 10 journal pages, while those of the oral and poster contributions should be 4, maximum 5 journal pages.


For the special issue of Applied Surface Science the submission and peer review process is managed entirely online using Elsevier’s Editorial System so please use  http://www.ees.elsevier.com/apsusc/ and choose submit a paper, register now or log in as an author and choose article type SI: ICPAM-10. In order to facilitate a timely publication schedule, the deadline for all manuscripts to be submitted to EES is 18 January 2015 and the deadline for all manuscripts to be ready for production (i.e. final decisions made on all papers and communicated to all involved parties) is 31 March 2015.


The template for manuscripts for the special issue of Materials Today: Proceedings is available on https://www.icpam.ro/icpam10-papers-publication/ and the manuscripts can be sent as attached files using [email protected]

For The Selected Papers of 10th International Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials, ICPAM-10, the peer review process will be managed offline. The deadline for collecting manuscripts is January 18th. The deadline for final manuscripts to be ready for production is 20 April 2015.

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