Presentation Guide

Please make sure to check the online programme for your scheduled presentation date, time, session, and presentation length. Please note your allocated presentation time includes time for questions and discussion.

On-site presentations:

• Oral Presenters will have 15 minutes for presentation, which include 12 minutes for their talk + 3 minutes for discussions.
• Plenary Speakers will have a total of 40 minutes for their presentation, which includes 35 minutes for their talk +5 minutes for discussions.
• Invited Speakers will have a total of 30 minutes for their presentation, which includes 25 minutes for their talk + 5 minutes for discussion.
• Invited Lecturers will have 40 minutes for their lecture, which include 35 minutes for their talk + 5 minutes for discussion.

Oral Presenters, Plenary Speakers, Invited Speakers, and Invited Lecturers will be requested to provide their presentation slides in advance to be uploaded. In case your presentation includes a movie, audio file or other links that need to be checked, please make sure to go through the Technical Support on-site.

Present on your own laptop

You may supply your own laptop computer (PC or Mac). In such a case please confirm that it has a VGA socket for external signal and come to check it in the session hall where your lecture is taking place during the coffee or lunch break prior to your session, at least 2 hours before the start of the session. Upload a copy of the presentation via the link provided by the Technical Support.

Online presentations

Online Oral Presenters will have the same time as on-site Oral Presenters. They need to send their filmed presentation two weeks before the presentation day.

Availability of the presentations

Both on-site and online presentations will be available online. Participants will receive an e-mail containing the link to attend the conference online.

Poster presentations

Poster presentations take place on-site. Poster presenters will present their results in a A0 format.