Online instructions

All online streams start on the second day.

Event Link

We use Zoom to stream our Conference, with 3 parallel streams. Zoom is a popular video application that is very easy to use. Please watch the following video to familiarize yourself with the platform and read these instructions to find out how to join a live stream event.

The streams are broadcasted on Zagreb time, according to the program, and can be all accesed on one unique link (listed above)

Mention for online presenters:

  1. While there is no password on the stream itself, Zoom requires authentication with a Zoom account on the account you received the invitation. You can create one for free at
  2. It is important that your Zoom profile uses your real name (the one in the program).
  3. When the topic chair will verbally invite you to present, we will make host/panelist temporarily, according to the program. This is necessary for the permission to share screen and allows you to show your presentation to all other participants. Please mind your timezone difference.
  4. Please do not forget to check the abbreviations (H1 means Hall 1, an so on) in the program to know when and in which stream you are expected to connect.
  5. The e-mail schedules at the beginning of the stream, not your exact presentation time. This is a platform limitation. The hour of your presentation is according to the program.


The invitation received is uniquely tied to your zoom account. If you attempt a second login on the same account, Zoom disconnects you.