Student Dormitory – Akademis Academia offers accommodation for participants in ICPAM-14 and PAMS-5. Student Dormitory of Dubrovnik is the most modern in the Republic of Croatia and has single and double rooms.

The Dormitory is situated at the very centre of Dubrovnik, at a walking distance from the Departments of the University of Dubrovnik. Public city transport, the main bus station, the port of Dubrovnik and the Walls of Dubrovnik are all in its vicinity.

The accommodation will be managed by the secretary manager Laura LACKO ([email protected]).
The total price for accommodation per person and per day at Akademis Academia, including full board (includes meals, gala dinner), is:
– in double rooms: 76 €/per person/day
– in single room: 100 €/person/day

General enquiries can be sent via email at [email protected]

For other accommodation arrangements please directly contact the hotel or the private accommodation of your choice. We strongly recommend you make your reservation as soon as possible since the conference period is during high season in Dubrovnik.

Participants that have other accommodation arrangements may have lunch and dinner at Akademis Academia. Payments for lunch, dinner and gala dinner can be made online or by bank transfer.

For these participants the total price per person/day is:

lunch: 22 Euro/person/per day
dinner: 26 Euro/person/per day
gala dinner: 60 Euro/person